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Heal your body, naturally. I'm an experienced Alternative Medicine Practitioner and a firm believer in a holistic approach to healing. The human body is made up of the mind, body, and spirit. All three must be in working order, so that a free flow of energy is achieved. Through my practice, I work hard to release this energy and promote well-being.

About Me

My Story

I'm a qualified Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and have been involved in this practice since childhood. I am South African and learned Jin Shin Jyutsu through my family connections from a very young age. In Johannesburg, I worked in the field of change management and so I am skilled in helping people and organizations manage change. Following my heart to the Netherlands about seven years ago I now live with my dutch partner.

I love empowering clients to understand their bodies and discover the gentle strength of this powerful but non-manipulative healing art. As a practitioner, I enjoy being able to bridge the gap between western medicine and the “alternatives,” while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to heal. I'm dedicated to helping my clients move through a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible. .

Main points:

One hour is all it takes

A treatment takes about 50 minutes. You relax on a massage table and let-go. With a gentle touch with my hands I create a 'flow'. There are different points on your body and therefore unique flows for certain complaints, emotions, organs and postures. No needles, manipulation or substances, just a deeply relaxing session where healing takes place. 

Important to know:

1. An hour

2. Above clothes

3. Light-touch therapy with my hands

4. Eat a light meal beforehand or eat after the session

5. Let go and enjoy!




To capture the essence of what a session feels like...Imagine you are a scuba diver; you have your equipment ready and a heavy tank on your back...You feel the weight of this as it subtly pulls you in. As you descend down the boyline and look up; it is as if you are being submerged under another layer of the world. This solid, clear body of water above you, is a perfect metaphor to describe the Jin Shin Jyutsu experience. It is as if you can descend into a void, another dimension. After peacefully drifting and observing this new 'world', you ascend up the same faithful boyline as before. You feel lighter and as you resurface, you realise that you rise out of the water feeling refreshed, calm and awakened, having rediscovered and explored a different part of life and yourself.

"Still waters run deep" there are numerous meanings of this, but I think that one of the most meaningful, is the idea that through stillness we can reach the depths. Now, many of you may not resonate with this 'scuba diving' experience but perhaps you can find your own metaphors and poetry. Come and experience this gentle healing art for yourself.

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