A gentle way to make change

Touching the intangible

To capture the essence of how a session feels ... Imagine yourself as a diver; you have your equipment ready and a heavy tank on your back ... You feel the weight of this while subtly pulling you in. If you descend the boy line and look up; it is like being immersed in another layer of the world. This firm, clear water above you is a perfect metaphor to describe the Jin Shin Jyutsu experience. It is as if you can descend into a void, another dimension. After drifting peacefully and observing this new 'world', you ascend the same faithful boy line as before. You feel lighter and when you come up again, you realize that you wake up refreshed, calm and awake, have rediscovered and explored another part of life and yourself.


"Still waters run deep" there are countless meanings of it, but I think one of the most significant is the idea that we can reach depth through silence. Many of you may not resonate with this 'diving' experience, but you may be able to find your own metaphors and poetry. Come and experience this gentle healing art for yourself.

Zijlweg 297

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