About my treatments

A session at Jinup certainly includes a ' touch of hospitality'


A nice warm or cold cloth at the door to prepare for the JSJ session. Tea and water always accessible

A private room in front of my house

A typical session means, coats are to be taken off and hung up, also shoes off please and watches and jewellery is better off. Electronic equipment is not good in the practice room. Please put mobile phones on flight mode.


I start with a body reading, I read the pulses in your wrists. Then I put my hands under your body. I feel perhaps patterns in your body and I see whether you have any blockages and tension. Often JSJ therapists work UNDER the body, with a sheet I can easily slide my hands under your body. After this brief introduction as it were, I start using my hands and begin creating the flows.

A session lasts about 50 minutes to an hour. You lie relaxed on a massage table and let go. With a very light touch therapy I achieve a 'flow' with my hands by using different combinations of points on your body. No needles, no massage and no manipulation. Just a deeply relaxing treatment with healing.

Important to know:

1. An hour

2. Above clothes

3. Light-touch therapy with my hands

4. Like to take a light meal or eat to the session

5. "Let go" and enjoy!

Zijlweg 297

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